Donnelley International LLC

Donnelley International LLC

is the central organization for the activities of Chuck Donnelley, MBA, PMP.  

Chuck is an experienced consultant, executive, Project Manager, and IT analyst providing leadership and knowledge to clients ranging from Fortune 100 to boutique verticals and aggressive startups. Chuck is a PMP-Certified Project Manager, and has taught classes in a wide range of business topics at University of Phoenix, Brandman University, and UCLA Externsion.  His teaching background has shown the importance of managing the perceptions and attitudes of the business team as closely as the technical details. 

 If your organization has a requirement for resources with experience and proven skills in:

  • Information effectiveness and custom database applications
  • MS Access custom analysis and projects (see​)
  • Data integrity
  • Process and Project Management
  • Team education
  • Profitability through implementing the appropriate technologies

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